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System Standard (Bespoke) Courses

Apart from offering publicly available IRCA Approved Lead Auditor Courses, HKV delivers a full range of in-house training courses based on various international management system standards. Once again, the focus of our training is to offer participants a strong concept of the underlying principles of the standard, and the intent of each particular clauses. We have delivered in-house training to a wide variety customers, including government departments, universities, utilities and the manufacturing sector.

The advantage of in-house training is the fact that the course contents can be highly focused to the business of the customer, and it also addresses the needs of the certain group of participants. The range of in-house training courses include:

Management Briefing

Very specifically, for example, HKV developed briefing sessions for management so that within a few hours, they are equipped with a macro concept of the respective management system standard, and how they could make best use of them.

General Awareness

This is a training course focused to workshop workers and other front line staff to ensure their general awareness of the subject discipline (such as quality in ISO 9001). The training adopts the workers' own language and is simple to understand. What is important is the message on relevance of system implementation and how they can derive benefits.

Accurate Understanding

Generally this is a 30 hour intensive training course that focus on a certain discipline (e.g. ISO 9001:2008 QMS). This course covers the basic concept of each discipline and the role of the respective management system standard in supporting organization's risk management. In addition, the course also focus on the accurate understanding of the standards, viz what is required/not required? Experience has demonstrated many organizations over-engineered their documentation system due to a lack of accurate understanding of the requirements of the respective standards.

The contents of this training is in line with the ISTO - Test of Understanding examination Body of Knowledge. Students will find it helpful in their preparation of the examination.

Effective Implementation

Generally this is a 30-hour intensive training course that focuses on a certain discipline (e.g. ISO 9001:2008 QMS). This course covers the basic concept of each discipline and the role of the management representative. The focus of discussion is on the high level architecture of the management system, i.e., the vision and mission of the organization, and the setting of policy, objectives and control programmes. Approaches on process control will be treated in depth.

Internal Auditor

The HKV Internal Auditor Training courses are designed based on respective IRCA internal auditor training course criteria however we recommend customers to conduct the course in 3 days instead of the 2 days which is a minimum requirement. The management system international standard (e.g. ISO 9001) is far more complicated than before. Process auditing technique is more complicated than the ISO 9001:1994 documentation based auditing technique. Our internal auditor training focuses on compliance as well as effectiveness in system implementation.

IRCA Approved Auditor Training

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Advanced Auditing Skills

Generally this is a 2-day training exposing experienced internal or lead auditors to the concept of value-adding auditing technique. Traditionally auditors look for evidence of compliance. This training course lead participants to the concept of opportunity for improvement, looking for effectiveness as well as efficiency in implementation. There will be a simple case study for students to explore and debate.

Impartiality Declaration

The HKV Training service and Certification service are mutually independent services. There will be no impact on certification decision if customers have or have not participated in HKV training courses.

Why choose HKV?

Our professional team, consisting of multiple experienced postgraduate degree holders, has an average of 25 years of professional experience with an exceptional depth of knowledge in the subject matter. Many of our team members are ISO Technical Committee members.
We do not focus on inconsequential details but rather centre on opportunities leading to continual improvement.
We response speedily to customer needs and expectations while maintaining our professional service integrity. Care to our customers is one of our shared values in HKV.
To promote the concept of sustained success and continual improvement; To deliver professional, value-adding conformity assessment solutions; To facilitate the competence development of people.

Integrity - Integrity is the bedrock of our business. We strive to operate in the highest moral standard.

People - People is the most important asset within our organization. We treat each other with trust and respect.

Innovation - We shall actively research into alternative methodologies and technologies in delivering our service and shall develop new products that will satisfy the needs of our customers.

Care - While maintaining our highest possible level of integrity, we strive to serve our customers with our hearts. We shall listen to their needs and wants and deliver a hassle-free, user-friendly service that will support their continual improvement and achieve excellence in performance. We care.